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HX stomp footswitch options


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So, with the Stomp, if you press the page button you can scroll through different options for what the footswitches do.


e.g. individual effects, snapshot up and down, snapshots 1, 2 or 3, or individual presets: 1A, 1B, 1C etc


I haven't had the Stomp long, and I may be mis-remembering, but I am sure that there was an option for preset up and preset down.


Have I imagined this? I am not sure what I have changed, but this option is not longer coming up when I scroll through.


Any thoughts?





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In preset mode, press 1+2 for preset UP;Press 2+3 for preset DOWN. Same for Snapshots in Snapshot mode. There's also a mode where 1 is DOWN, 2 is UP and 3 is whatever it's set to be, stomp or tempo or preset up or down or snapshot up or down or all bypass or toggle exp.

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1 hour ago, rd2rk said:

I'm on v2.82, the latest. What version are you on?


I also have v.2.82. And I'm sure I did have up and down before.


Mine goes:

1 - footswitches (for individual pedals etc)

2 - snapshot up and down

3 - 1A, 1B, 1C etc

4 - snapshots 1, 2, 3


And then back to 1.


I'm guessing I changed something in global settings, but I can't work out what.


Can you confirm that you have five options - not just the 4 noted above. Thanks

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That's really strange.  For me, the Preset up and down mode comes up between the Stomp mode (individual effects) and the Preset select mode (1A, 1B,, 1C) when I use the page buttons on the Stomp to change modes.  The only other way I know of to access the mode is by using an external footswitch.  I have FS5 set to toggle between the different footswitch modes so each time I press it it switches between Snapshot>Stomp Mode>Preset Up and Down mode>Preset Select mode and then back to Snapshot.  Very weird :\

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So after seeing your reply--I only have 4 modes as well, but have never seen a Snapshot up and down mode.  For me that's the Preset mode you're looking for--I tried looking around for Global setting to switch between these but didn't have any luck.  A snapshot up and down mode seems kind of weird given that the regular snapshot mode let's you pick between the three possible snapshots with 3 buttons--I don't really see the advantage of being able to scroll up and down through them with two buttons... hoping you find a way to switch it back! 

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Reading these posts I suddenly thought, "Oh no, have I just misread it. This is going to be embarrassing!" But I have just checked and I do indeed have "snpshot" up and down where you both have preset. So, yes, weird.


I'll have to play around with it. I do indeed have an external footswitch set to switch through those modes. But not sure if that would make a difference. Guess I'll have to search through the global settings again. 


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