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Spider v30 mk11 Bass


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I have a Spider IV and would not use it for bass through the speaker, but have used the DI/headphone output (to my audio interface to my computer).  I don't believe the speakers in the smaller Spider amps have a low frequency response suitable for good bass sound production.

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On 11/20/2019 at 3:51 AM, harvest38 said:



I have just purchased a Spider V30 MK11

the shop said i can use the amp with my Bass guitar,it would be only for a hour or two a week at home

playing the odd riff.


As anyone used their amp with a Bass.




There are a couple of bass amps modeled in the unit. My small 20 watt even came with a bass preset. 


I don't get the impression you should be trying to blow the doors off the walls with one of these things while connecting a bass, so if you were to use it with bass it should probably be for quieter bedroom scenarios. 

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