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using old pod x3 live as controller / floorboard for amplifi75?


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I have an old pod x3 live.  Loving the sounds ... now just got an AMplifi75 and since that doesn't come with an option to switch tones mid song with my feet, I am wanting to use my Podx3 live for that.

Is that possible and if so how do I set this up?

also can I just copy my podx3 library over somehow or do I need to upload these tones to the custom tone library and download them onto amplifi that way?


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Good thing you love the X3 Live sounds, as I believe that those are the sounds on which the Amplifi series were based. That's the good news...


I seriously doubt that you're going to be able to make use of the X3 as a footswitch for the Amplifi 75, and also doubt the compatibility of the patch/preset files with the equivalent Amplifi files, despite the fact that they're based upon the same modeling.


My guess is the best option is to find a nice clean amplifier model in the Amplifi 75, simply use it as a guitar amp, with your Pod X3 doing the heavy lifting with tones & effects.


Good luck!

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