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Amplifi Demo


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Where is the demo of this amp? I know it's brand new, but I couldn't even find it on the Line 6 products page. Look under the Amps section ( and DT Series? Check; Spider Series? Check; Spidervalve MkII? Check; Amplifi? Ampifi???  It's simply not there. But if you go to Products/Amps, you can find it. Looks like it's on the homepage as well. Good for me...or so I thought. The demo video which I was quite anxious to see and hear, will not play. Every time I hit the play button, I get an "error #2035" message.


Next, I went to Youtube. After a protracted search, I finally found a small snippet of "demoing" on a NAMM video. Not enough to really give you a good snapshot of just what this amp sounds like and its capabilities. All told about 20 secs of a couple of guys jamming and that was it.


After that I tried a Google search using the words "Line 6 Amplifi Demo," which yielded precisely nothing in terms of a demo of the amp. I'm like WTH? Where in God's name is it? You'd think if this new line is so great, there'd be demos out the wazzu of this thing prior to rolling it out. I want to hear the damn thing. Where are the cool demos of Line 6 legends, Joost Vergoosen and Sean Halley showing us what these amps can do? I'm amazed at the apparent gaping marketing hole left by Line 6 in its own product launch. If it's as amazing as Line 6 is telling me it is, then why can't I hear it? Geez c'mon guys; help me out here.


I can't be the only one who's feeling the angst on this. The price is right; I just want to hear the amp....period. Please help a bruthuh out. This should be easy, right?



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