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Looper midi send on record


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Ummmm ... 


So I don't remember reading anything about the 6 button looper sending midi commands by default. 


I run my helix floor in 4cm with my Amp1 Mercury. It's set to handle all channel switching via midi using snapshot instants.


Whenever I hit record in the looper it activates the Amp1's boost. 


I dunno. Any ideas?

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Set the Base channel to something other than the channel that the amp receives on. You'll need to mod your Snapshots to send ICs on the former Base channel.

IOW, if the Base channel is 1, the amp is receiving on 1, set the Base channel to 2, then set your ICs to send on channel 1 instead of Base.

You could also do the reverse, set the amp receiving channel to 2, then set your ICs to send on 2. Depends what else you've got set up in your MIDI chain.

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