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Loading Podfarm, Pod X3, And Pod Xt Tones On Amplifi?


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That's my understanding too, as in the Andertons demo video they mention 6000+ existing tones on custom tone.


Also I think the number is amp models and FX listed suggest its the full x3 amp and fx list - which includes all the PF Platinum models (same as XT + all model packs).





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Note that it says THIS on the Knowledge base FAQ:

Q: Can I use the AMPLIFi Remote app to load or edit tone files from my other exsisting Line 6 products?

A: The AMPLIFi Remote app is only compatible with tone files created from the AMPLIFi 75 or 150 amplifiers.

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The current tones in the amplifi database were taken from compatible tones from Customtone and converted to work within the amplifi architecture.  I have heard there are ~7000 tones now, as more people get the amp and start creating tones I am sure that will expand very quickly. 

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