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Kris Gee - Chunky Rythm And Satchy Lead Tones Hd500x


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Hey guys,


Slowly discovering all the goodies that come with hd500x :D

Here's a short video in which I'm using a combination of factory and customtone patches, slightly tweaked to my personal taste. Very happy with the initial result, but thinking that the best is yet to come


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Hey dude,

Sorry for a very late reply, I haven't been on the forum for a while!

Looks like I haven't saved the patch that I was tweaking, at least I can't find it anywhere on my PC.

But what I used for it was a factory preset called UBER WET, I believe that all I changed in it was delay time setting

to something close to 550ms and CAVE reverb instead of PLATE. Wah that I used was a dunlop zw45 pedal.

Hope this helps and sorry I can't get you anymore info!

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