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Reset delay on 100%


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There must be a simple way to do this - in which case sorry for the noob question.

Ok, so delays: On my trusty old echo park I could have the feedback all the way up so when I engaged it it went in to a full howl mode, and when I disengaged it that delay was cut and reset (meaning if I engaged it again the previous delay was gone, even though the feedback was on 100%). Is this not possible on the HX Stomp? 

I can cut the trails of course, but if I engage it again the previous delay sounds come back, and automating the feedback to go to 0% doesn't really fix it as it's not a quick enough process to get rid of the sounds in some applications.


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If I understand you correctly, you want to turn the trails off.  All reverb and delay blocks have an option to turn trails on or off.  I'm not sure about Stomp, but on Helix this parameter is off by default and is the very last parameter listed.

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