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Latency When Playing Through Home Theater (pod Hd Pro X)


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Hi all, 


I'm getting slight latency when playing the POD HD PRO X through my home theater. I haven't had the chance to buy a PA system yet for it. I plan on doing that for band practices but when I'm at home, I rather sit in my theater room and play through the surround sound I have 


It's going from the 1/4" headphones out to a converter to 1/8" into the theater system. The system does have an Aux in with the white and red cables but using SPDIF out from the Line 6 to those inputs do not work on this system unless I'm doing something wrong. 


Does anyone have any suggestions on how to remove that latency in the home theater setup? Will going through USB -> Laptop (high end) -> HDMI on the home theater system be better? 




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Hmmm..... the latency may be due to a delay setting of some sort in the home theater setup. I know in my home theater A/V system I can set an audio delay to synchronize the audio with the video coming from my TV, so that the lip movements of the speaker match the voice. Check your audio settings to see if you have a delay.

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You should also check if your home theater system has a "Direct"/"Direct Stereo" audio mode for the analog input which bypasses all audio processing. Using the analog outputs to connect to your home theater system is probably the better choice, since S/PDIF often adds additional latency for the decoding of the digital audio.

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