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8 minutes ago, markjchurcher said:

Hi thanks but not sure what you mean by FW. I’m not very sure about these things!, cheers m


FW=FIRMWARE, that code that lives on the hardware itself, vs the SW - software program that runs on a computer when loaded.

HX Edit is SW. It interacts with the Helix FW. The versions need to match for it all to work.

If you installed HX Edit using the HX Edit install file, it loaded the proper drivers and the "Line6 Updater", which is used to update the Helix FW.


With HX Edit CLOSED (not running), and the Helix connected directly to a USB port (NOT A HUB! If you're using a desktop, the ports on the front are usually a hub - use the ports on the back), run the Line6 Updater. After logging in, it will update the firmware on the Helix.


REPEATED FOR EMPHASIS - FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS! Otherwise you'll be back here pleading for help like all the other turkeys who thought they didn't need no stinking directions!

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6 hours ago, markjchurcher said:

Problem is the instruction say that the hx edit 2.82 MUST be loaded before the firmware.


First you INSTALL HX Edit. Then, AFTER you run the updater, you can LOAD HX Edit for use. You just don't want HX Edit loaded WHILE updating.

Glad you got it done. Call support about the joystick.

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