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Tuner constantly jumping to a D


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After I updated firmware on my Stomp (from 2.65 I think to the newest) the tuner has been acting up.


Every time I hit a string, the tuner jumps to a D for a split second. If I let the string ring out it stays on the right note, so seems it only happens when I hit the string. Doesn't matter which note I play, the tuner jumps to a D.


Anyone else experienced this?

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Does this happen in all Tuner modes? Three modes were introduced in firmware v2.7 as follows:


Three New Tuner Types—From the Tuner page, turn the Type knob to choose between "Fine" (color-changing needle tuner with fine tuning bar), "Coarse" (color-changing needle tuner with no fine tuning bar), and "Strobe"

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5 hours ago, brettchinery said:

no but use the neck pickup with tone rolled down for best results 




Tune the guitar exactly as you will play it, pay attention to string tension so the notes are tuned as you hit them, not after the string settles, when using Drop tuning, or tuning low like B standard or F#, tune the lowest string by harmonics and using your ear, not the tuner.

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