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Take A Tour Of The Amplifi Ios App

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For anyone wanting to know more about how the Amplifi works, or what the iOS app will do - download it from the App Store for free and take a look.


When you start the app It starts with a few tips and info slides which are very useful for understanding what it's all about and then comes the app itself.

Once those few great tips slides have finished you enter your L6 account and then it drops you into the app which initially shows you your music library. Pick a track to play and straight away it downloads some presets that are suitable from CustomTone.

Press the menu icon top left and you can get to the tone editor and really start to see how easy this will be to use with an Amplifi and even on an iPhone screen the icons are big enough for larger fingers to use easily.


Give it a try even if you're one of the few initially thinking this product isn't for you - you might like it





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