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Hello. I would like to know how to control the looper of the helix rack with fcb1010. I state, I use the FCB1010 as a preset and stomp box recall. the problem is that, if I set the pedals to use the looper, set by helix between the cc60 and cc67, I can no longer use the pedals for the stompboxes, because they have other dedicated mids. how can I exclude everything (preset and stomp) of the helix when I use the looper, and get everything back (preset and stomp) when I remove the looper ?? thanks

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Which chip/version is in the FCB?

What editor are you using?

Attach a copy of your sysex for me to look at.

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hi thanks for the reply. I use the chipset 1. 
I also have the 2.5 chipset, but I've never used it. 
I use the chipset 1 for the possibility of using both preset and stompbox. 
The editor is the HX EDIT, but I did all the tests from the pedal board. 
I don't have a sysex table, I don't know how to do it.

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Looking at the differences between the Rack and Floor (which is what I have), I'm going to STRONGLY recommend that you buy the Rack Controller. I know, costs a lot, but trust me, controlling the Rack with the FCB will be a royal PITA.


That said, for now, forget the Helix.


You're asking about using an FCB1010. Which chipset is in that?

If you have Stompbox mode you must be using AT LEAST UNO v1.0.2.

The exact version is important, as it determines which editor you can use.

You NEED to use an editor.

The sysex is the configuration of the FCB1010, downloaded as a file with the file extension .syx.

You should be able to download it from the editor that you're using.


IF you're using v1.0.2 or below, you can use these FREE editors:






If you're using v1.0.2f or above those editors are not fully compatible, you'll need to buy this one (approx $22):




UNO_ControlCenter is the best of the bunch.


Whichever one you get, READ THE MANUAL!!!


Attached is a sample sysex demonstrating some ways to go about using the FCB1010/UNO with the Helix Rack.

The sysex DOES NOT use the Helix Stomp mode. Until I know which chip version and editor you're using, it would be pointless to go there.

The text file has notes as to what the various pedals do.


Bank 00 Pedals 1-5 are the Looper controls, minus FORWARD/REVERSE and FULL/HALF SPEED, these being the least useful IMO.

Pedals 6-10 are FS1-5. This configuration allows you to record a rhythm loop, then add effects on subsequent overdubs.


Bank 01 is FS1-10.


Bank 02 is Snapshots 1-8.


Banks 03-10 are Presets 000-069 (01A-18B). That's right, you lose access to 58 presets. Depending how you want to use the first 3 banks, you can recover some, but even under the best of circumstances, 100 presets is the max with the FCB, 95 with FCB/UNO.


It's possible, using UNO Stompbox Mode, to have 5 Footswitches on every Bank (Same 5 on every Bank), 5 Looper controls on Bank 01, 5 Snapshots on Bank 02, and 5 Presets on all other banks (total 85). It all depends on how you want to do it.


Lastly - I tried this with my Helix Floor. It can be made to work, but here's the catch. The Floor (like the Rack Controller) has Scribble strips which indicate the status of, well, EVERYTHING! I have NO CLUE how you're going to keep track of the various Looper controls without Scribble strips, never mind what preset, snapshot or effect you've got on, without standing in front of the rack staring at it's tiny little screen!


Did I mention that this would be a royal PITA? Buy the Rack Controller, or trade the Rack for a Floor.


Let me know when you figure out what chip and editor you're using.



Mariodoc62 syx.syx

Mariodoc62 Text.txt

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