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NO, they aren't the same, one has two speakers and the other ; only one. I'm kidding, it's a joke, sorry ;) ! 


More seriously, the only difference between the 212 and PC+ is the speaker itself. The 212 has neodynium instead of ferrite, i imagine to reach a lighter weight. I don't know if it brings something in the sound. For the rest, it's the same, the PC+ has the same number of profile, when L6 launched the 212, they added new speaker models via firmware update, i assume the 2 devices will grow up and follow the same updates....

Choose two PC can be a good thing ; if one is out, you can use the other one. You can separate them farther to have a better stereo effect.

But you have to know how you are going to use them, what you want to do.

I wanna mean, the PC (non +) is locked, you can't update it, there's no USB input....So you have only 6 speaker models (forever), it won't change. The PC+ has already six more amp sims.

You won't be able to change on the fly the parameters with the PC, there's no L6 link input and no midi input neither. So if you do gigs, it can be an obstacle.


To resume it simplier :

- If you only want to play at home you can run this configuration but if you want to change speaker models. On one device, you will have to go and change it by yourself by pressing the button on the back. It's gonna be quickly boring !

- If you know you are going to only play with an electric guitar in FRFR (whatever the mode) and won't change that you can have that, but i would go farther and say, why not buying two traditionnal PC ? It will be cheaper, you go from your XLR right/left devices' outputs adn you'll have your stereo.

- If you want to change on the fly your speaker models, go to two PC+, you can command them with L6 link. You can go from one PC+ to the other via L6 link, the stereo will be automatically done.


In my opinion, it's not a good choice to have two different devices. It would be better to have a more coherent RIG. Whether two PC+ or two PC following what you want to do.

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steve  ty for response    i am think why pc+  helix dose every thing the amp will , i hear  helix with lr raw sounds killer  ,,,,  why bother with all the +  cab sim  and ir  , redone dent,,,,,   to save dsp?   home studio set up   ,,,  your thoughts  ,,,     


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