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DT25 & Helix...FX Return v. L6 Link


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I just picked up a DT25 and I've got a Helix LT connected via L6 Link.  So far, so good.


My question is, what do I gain/lose by going direct into the FX return versus the L6 Link, other than the power amp topologies and native reverb from the amp?


Additionally, the internal amp models in DT25 have cab modeling baked in, which can apparently be disabled using DTedit.  Is cab modeling automatically  disabled when using L6 Link?  How about on the FX return?







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Hi Jep,


You don't loose anything, you just get different or more difficult to get the same results when you go into the FX return.  You definitely won't get any preamp tone in your sound.  You would still just use the "preamp" models in your LT for the most part because the amp and cab models are specified in the DT25.  


Cab modeling is not automatically disabled on the LT or the DT25 when you use L6 Link.  So you would generally select preamp models unless you like the sound of the full amp models.

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Hi Jep.


You have a similar set up as me. Try setting an amp in Helix as 'pre-amp' rather than 'amp' or 'amp+cab'. Then set your output in Helix to 'digital' or 'multi'. If you scroll through the output settings by hitting the 'page' button on Helix you will get to DT25/DT50 settings. Here you can set the power amp in the DT25 to work however you want it to. This gives you lots of flexibility. You can have a Mesa Treadplate pre with a class A Triode power section if you want.


To me this gives much more flexibility than just going into a fixed power amp setting on the DT25.

Hope this helps 



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