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M5 mono channel overly loud and distorted, but stereo is fine


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As the title says, this M5 has the Right (mono) channel which is overly loud and has a lot of bad gain.  Almost as if some distortion effect is always on.   Interestingly, if I plug inputs and outputs into both channels, then it quiets down and behave as I expect.   I've tried a factory reset with no change.  I'm handy with electronics, but before I dig out my multimeter and solding iron, I thought I'd ask.   Is there some setting that is causing this (that sticks even with a factory reset)?

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Hello man, im having the same issue here

just bought a M5 and when im plugged on mono input, the sound gets a little weird and starts to add some distortion (some signal and volume is also lost)

Did you had any sucess finding the problem? when i use on stereo everything is fine but then i cant use the tuner, and i really need the tuner.


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