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4 Cable Method With Additional External Distortion / Wah Pedals

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I am using the 4 cable method to connect my POD HD500 to a Blackstar HT60 Stage amp. I am still fighting to get a good tone. Anyway, I need to connect my Wah (Morley Dragon 2) pedal, Tech 21 British and Suhr Riot pedals in the chain.


I understand there are two options:


1) Connect the guitar >> wah, than Tech 21/Suhr pedals >> POD HD500 Guitar In


2) Connect the guitar >> POD HD500 Guitar in and POD HD500 FX Send >> Wah, Tech 21/Suhr pedals >> Amp Input.


Sound is different. I like most the sound of Tech 21 / Suhr by method "1". However, the wah has no effect in both methods.


Please, let me know what is the best way of connecting external pedals in the chain when using 4 Cable Method and POD HD500.




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I'd go for option 1, but there's no hard and fast rules.


If your wah is having no effect, the first thing I would do is test the wah, on its own, straight into the amp, to make sure it is working ok.

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