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How To Stop The Tangle....

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Despite buying a new VDI cable recommended on here, it still tends to tangle across the top of the HD500 and catch under the foot pedal.   I guess it's stiff because of being solid core.  But my question is whether anyone has found a satisfactory way of stopping the VDI cable interfering with and snagging on the HD500?  Ideas welcome!

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Got to try that - I always do over-over even though I didn't know it was called that, from learning to coil rope while working with the Coast Guard, but over-under looks much better.


I couldn't understand people that just wrapped around their arm because they always added twists and it ends up at least partially with its own figure of 8.


With the JTV - VDI - HD I have my FRFR behind me pointing up (because I have a keyboard in front of me), so I take the VDI left from the HD500 and around the FRFR and then it comes forward to my left where the input is to the guitar.  Sometimes I step on it, but I never get it caught in the pedals.

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