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Helix Stomp Plugged into my Audio Interface--Weird Latency


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Loving the sounds on my Stomp and wanted to record my guitar.  Unfortunately, I am having an issue with my DAW not recognizing the Stomp as an interface, so while I am working with my DAW company to resolve the issue, I thought I would just plug the stomp right into my current interface a Focusrite Scarlet.


Despite having no latency when I listen to the Stomp through headphones or having my studio monitors plugged into the outputs of the Stomp, bi am getting massive latency having the outputs of the Stomp running right into then inputs of the Scarlett.


Super confused, because I don't see how this is any different than plugging in a keyboard or other instrument.

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Helps if we know what exactly you're using.


I use Reaper as a DAW on a 7th gen i7 laptop with 16MB and an ssd. Occasionally (usually after a Microsoft update) the Helix (Stomp or Floor) doesn't show up in the DAW. Re-installing HX Edit with all options then rebooting Windows solves the problem (re-installs drivers).


I use a Scarlett 18i20 (2nd gen) with my Helix Floor (Scarlett as Interface). Zero latency when used direct (Input to Output, no DAW) and the monitors connected to the Scarlett.

When using Reaper, if I have the Track Monitor function ON, I'll get latency. Anywhere from 7.6 ms RT at 64 samples to more at higher sample rates. The latency appears as an echo. Turn the Track Monitor switch OFF, no echo.


My Stomp goes direct to DAW (Stomp as Interface) on my 2nd gen i5-2410M with 8MB and ssd. The i5 can't handle 64 samples, so I go 128 samples and get 20.5ms RT latency. My monitors are connected directly to the Stomp outs.


So, based on what you provided and assuming a lesser Scarlett, going direct in to out with the Monitor knob set fully left (counter clockwise) and your monitors connected to the Scarlett, you should get zero latency.


Check your Windows Sound Panel. In my Stomp configuration I'm sending streaming audio (YT, Spotify, backing tracks stored on the computer) to the Stomp's AUX in, so the Playback device in Windows Sound Panel is set to the Laptop's soundcard. Recording has all devices disabled. This works because the DAW is using USB I/O, and the Sound Panel settings control, well, the computer's Souncard functions independent of USB.



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I wanted to reply back that I am super grateful that you took the time for such a detailed answer. You inspired me to try some new things to get this to work.


All it took was for me to go into the Focusrite Control App and click on the headphone mix settings.  As soon as I accessed the headphone settings the lag disappeared and the Stomp sounded absolutely like it does in my headphones.  I ended up jamming and recording the rest of the night.



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