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Evening all,


is there a way to change the order of blocks while in "Edit Mode"


Quick run through;


I have held down Mode switch to enter edit mode, and I have quite a few blocks in my preset, many of which I don't want to edit. My delay is on page 2  so i have to tap dance onto page 2 to be able to control the feedback with my foot.


The block itself is in footswitch 2 in stomp box mode and snapshot mode so I can activate it easily enough, its just the editing or footswtich control that is the issue. In stomp box or snapshot mode you can use the capacitance touch on 2 switches to swap them without changing the signal chain which is great and really easy.


Is there a way of me moving my delay to page 1 without it having an effect on the signal chain?


I feel it would be a great addition to be able to hold down the footswitch on any given block and go straight into edit mode, but holding down currently doesn't do anything.


I have found a way to just assign the feedback control to the footswitch. Still would like to know if there is another option.



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Unfortunately, no is the answer to your question.  The behavior of the blocks in edit mode are in order, left to right, starting with the bottom row of switches and continuing to the top row.  Inserting more blocks in the chain increases the length, which bumps everything last in the chain to page 2 or 3, etc.  Holding down a switch to engage edit mode sounds great but it would interfere with the momentary latching feature.  


If you want to adjust a sweeping parameter on a particular stomp, assign that specific parameter to the expression pedal or use an additional expression pedal, which is what I do.  If you want a simple on/off, assign the parameter to a footswitch, which you've already figured out how to do.

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