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Pod HD and EMG


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Not that I have noticed, but then I have only used EMG bass pickups with my POD...I don't like active pickups for my own guitar stuff...I have developed my own preamps for conventional passive pups and can give a tiny bit of insight on your questionl.


With EMG 85/81s you lose some output level and gain some dynamics by running further away. Running 9v, running far enough away to get the limiting where you like it is a bit more intuitive than running at 18v...EMG pickups are very weak magnets with very few turns. This means, passively the output is very very low. The preamp is where the level comes from and generally, the closer the better...Optimal SN ratio, sustain without the need to worry about the mag field messing up intonation...However, there are no rules, setup your pups how they sound and work best to you...

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Thx for the answer


I was very close to string and with distortion everything seems overboosted 


Tried away for string and yes it' s more grainy , dynamics and shining


I've never noticed this with a real amp... unless the muddy sound :D

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Not sure which POD you have...If it is the POD HD Desktop, then one challenge you have is that there isn't a pad switch like other HD Pods have. One way you can get the level down in the Desktop is to adjust your input settings so Input 2 is effectively disabled. By default, input 2 set set to Same. The implications of this on a single tone patch is that the chain "can" become saturated more easily depending on the guitar. Using a Vintage Pre only in the chain, it is pretty easy to hear this...The level of saturation goes up quite a bit. This isn't digital clipping as you might read some people infer. This hotter setting for Input 2 being same is actually intended for dual amp patches. However, you might find the hotter chain setting useful for some amplifiers that have lower saturation potential like the Park....It really just depending on what is in the chain and how hot the guitar is to start with.


To disable Input 2 for a single tone patch in the desktop, set input 2 to Mic and turn the trim on the back all the way down.

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On December 21, 2019 at 2:35 AM, thereddesert said:

I just bought a POD HD PRO X rack system with a FBV3 foot controller.   How do I change the pedal from volume to wah? 


You have to push down on the toe of the expression pedal to switch from Volume to wah or back to volume( or what ever you've selected the exp pedal to control)

also note you'd have to have a wah in your list of effects for this to work. 






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