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Pod Hd Buzz ; Guitar Problem Or Pod Hd Problem ?


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Good day !



I seem to be having a problem when I play distorted and I have no idea if it's from the pod or my guitar . When I play distorted , I seem to be having a second distortion "behind" the distortion of the amp . It's a bright distortion , not loud but noticeable , and it sounds like when you have a slightly broken speaker that gives a crackling sound at certain frequencies. 


It's not because of my speakers , I recorded the sound and listened to it through different speakers and headphones . So it's either from the guitar or from the POD . 


It appeared out of the blue , after the last update but it turned up after a few days ( or I didn't notice it before )


Can anyone give me any advice ? Has anyone ever had this problem ?


It's not from the jack input ... I took it out , all the wires are soldered , I cleaned it ...


Thank you !


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I noticed something similar to this last week when building a new patch. I had a really nice and creamy overdrive tone going going, but in the trailing delays, it was really fizzy. It wasn't overload, because I create everything at unity gain by constantly checking effects levels vs. the clean signal. I'm not sure how I fixed it, I think by deleting the delay and re-adding it?

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- When I do my patches I usually use the single input approach (put everything on the top half of the signal chain) since the pod's signal chain actually starts off with 2-inputs and I pan the mixer to center. 
         - Try inputs 1:guitar, 2: variax 

         - Depending on the type of guitar i'm using ill put on the PAD switch if i'm using hot humbuckers

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So like this right? (picture attached)

just a note!..


to hear the real difference between a single input approach and the double one, the chain must be made in the default pre position..

because when you use only path A (with nothing in pre position) it behaves exactly as you were doing your chain in pre position with 2 same inputs..


I know that it's difficult to believe, but that's how it works..



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I know the tone sounds bad but it seems that when I boosted the mids on this amp (Treadplate) and cranked the volume up , I could hear it clearer. 


I showed it to someone else but he said he can't hear it...it's like a high pitch buzz when you hit the string or chord ... like when you hear a crackling sound in your headphones when they start deteriorating.

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