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Anyone using Powercab for playing backing tracks?


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I have a single power cab plus that I am piping backing tracks and the helix to for practice at home.  It works fine for this purpose in flat mode, even through its not stereo.  But, it is not as good as PA speakers in delivering the full spectrum in the backing track.

If I wanted to gig live with backing tracks, I would probably get a decent pair of powered PA speakers.

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On 12/19/2019 at 11:37 PM, monnkey2 said:

I'm thinking of getting a couple Powercabs to run in stereo to play my backing tracks through, so I can jam along with my tube amp.  Has anyone tried playing music through these? How does it sound?


A pair of powered PA speakers will be a better and cheaper choice if you need them only for playing back music.


I have a PC 212 and tried to play backing tracks through it just to hear how it works. 

It works but is not ideal. I prefer using my studio monitors for the same task.



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