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Glitch looper: unwanted lag via MIDI control, is this adjustable?


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Hi gang,


It seems the Helix Rack's looper can't stop playback and start a new recording whilst in playback mode unless it receives a stop-playback MIDI CC message first. It also seems the stop-playback message needs to be received 20-21ms before the start-recording message, otherwise the latter is sometimes/often not acknowledged.


Is there any way to have the start-recording function override and force playback to stop?

Or alternatively is there an adjustable setting that'll make the Helix process the pair of stop/start of messages quicker?


I'm looking for immediacy with this so I can emulate glitching effects. Sending the two messages within 15-20ms is useable yet unreliable, and anything under 15ms registers only the stop-playback message, leaving the start-recording message overlooked. Anything above 21ms is consistently reliable, but the latency is off-putting.


What are my options?




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If you're playing back a loop and want to start a NEW loop, you first have to erase the old loop. To do that you have to stop playback, then send RECORD again.

No way around it. I tried with my FCB1010 which can send two successive CCs, didn't work. You appear to be right about there needing to be a pause between messages.

There are ways to do it - BOME MIDI Translator, BOME BOX or MIDI Solutions Event Processor for use without a computer attached - , but no way I can see to do it without add-ons.

What are you using now to send the MIDI?

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Thanks, man.

Currently using Max/MSP to send the timed MIDI CC's from my laptop via USB. I have a Morningstar MC6 which can make use of an optional delay between it's CC messages but unfortunately it can't select a time between 0 and 100, so the 20-21ms pause–not ideal to begin with–is made way worse there.


The BOME and MIDI Solutions look cool, and thank you for suggesting them, but I'm disinclined as I usually run an AxeFx anyway, upon which the glitch effect has so far worked perfectly.


Nice to know I'm not the only one who's tried it with the Helix. What a shame to know there's no way to change it!

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