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Hd500x Does Not Start / Boot Anymore

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My Line 6 HD500X is not starting after I switch on the power. Line 6 Logo appears, stays for some seconds, the logo change to a big blue block and then fades away. Line 6 Logo appears again.

This keeps happening in a loop.


This happened while I was downloading tones from my laptop. 


How can I reset the HD500x?

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If your POD USB port is not damaged you can try the following firmware flashing procedure in safe mode:

  1. disconnect everything from the device
  2. connect the power cable while pressing the nav down button (the LCD screen will say "update flash")
  3. connect the USB cable (the device will be recognized by the computer if the USB is ok)
  4. run the Line 6 Monkey program (the device should be detected by the program)
  5. select "flash memory" and "re-install latest version"
  6. when done restart your POD
  7. if the above procedure worked ok to solve the boot loop issue, don't forget to do also a global reset and finally the pedal calibration

If the USB is broken the above procedure would be impossible to do, and the port should be repaired as soon as possible.

At times also a faulty power supply, a bad VDI cable connecting the POD to a Variax could be the culprits of the boot loop issue.


Also corrupted presets/patches could cause problems.



All about POD HD500/X

help and useful tips

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