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24 guitars & Helix! (24 presets)

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Hey everybody, happy holidays to you all!


The Line 6 Helix (Native, HX Stomp etc) is my favorite amp modeling platform and because of the holidays I wanted to give something back to the awesome Helix community. So I made this video. It features all my electric guitars. I have 24 guitars and they're all pretty different. Some are baritones, some are 7 or 8 strings, some have single coils, some are active etc. I wanted to feature them all in one single video and share all the preset settings so you can use them with your own Line 6 device.


I tried to use a lot of different amp models although Badonk got used a couple of times because it's just so awesome for metal haha. I even tried some amps that I never used before and they all sounded great to me. There are clean, crunch, rhythm and lead clips in there. Happy Holidays to you all! I hope you enjoy:




PS: I would love to know how these presets translate on your end! We all use different guitars and pickups so that would be very interesting to hear about...

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