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Stomp + midi “stompshot”= led bug?

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Hey guys. I recently got the MC6 MKII to use as my main midi controller. I set up everything like this.





D:Snapshot3 with Drive,Delay,Boost turned on

NOTE that Drive Delay and Boost blocks are also assigned on the Stomp’s footswitches so that they can be turned on/off individually (in stomp mode)


On HX I assigned a midi bypass cc on each of the three blocks I want button “D” to turn on and configured the correct actions on MC6


Everything works perfectly EXCEPT my stomp when I step on button “D” will not turn on the LEDs. On the screen the 3 blocks MC6 is set to enable are turned on properly, it’s just that the led rings do not refresh and stay off. (Sometimes on hitting the switch one will randomly turn on, sometimes none) Is this a known issue? Any workarounds?

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Any ideas guys? Has anyone else run into this particular issue?



Never mind, restarting stomp and disconnecting all usb cables fixed the problem. Now working properly.

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I have the same problem. I also have the mc6 and use that for my "snapshots" and leave the hx stomp in stomp mode. The leds will randomly light up when an effect isn't engaged. Unplugging didn't help mine.

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