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New Album Using Helix Floor and Native


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I just finished an album using Helix for all the electric guitar tones. The only exception are two of the tracks (Night Train ... I used S-Gear; and Mary Madeline .... mic'ed acoustic). I started out using my Helix Floor for tracking, but later started using Native because it was just easier for me to deal with plug-ins, and the Floor was usually in a gig case.


A lot of the bass on the album uses Helix also — I usually DI'ed the bass, and then mixed in some parallel Helix bass stuff (Ampeg B15 or SVT, or Darkglass/Obsidian for some edge).


You can stream or listen to tracks here:


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You obviously have a gift for riffing.  Each song has some redeeming quality that makes me want to continue listening, which is so rare.  That's a difficult thing to do with a full length album.  The songs have their own unique sound but still sound somewhat familiar in spots.....Crazy Man @1:39 sounds like a brief flashback to Bowie's Fame.  I noticed you used a ton of different effects on the guitars across most of the album.  I assume those are all from Helix too?  The songwriting is great too.......Bad Neighbor Blues...haha I can totally identify.  Anyway, I'm no music critic.  I simply enjoy giving positive feedback when I hear something I like.  Great job man!

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Thanks, I really appreciate it. @chasingMango ... I recorded all the tracks in my basement studio, but sent them out for mix and master (used soundbetter.com to find the mix engineer and he was great to work with, for a very affordable price). I was trying to mix it myself but I was spending way too much time tweaking stuff, so could never focus on writing. @lungho, thanks so much for the supportive feedback. The more extreme guitar effects were indeed Helix ... for leads I like gilmore-esqe tones with mainly reverb and delay. The rhythm parts I usually left dry (just amp) so the mix engineer could blend reverb/delay to fit.


I can't  imagine trying to record electric guitar at home with a real amp these days ... the amp sims are getting better and better.

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