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Wah settings


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20 minutes ago, Heavyville said:

not sure if this will help....turn the mix down on the effect...75% or so and try that.... 

i don't use Wah a lot, but on the one song i did, i did this trick and it made it sound way better. 


I've heard of this before as well. And 75% was the amount suggested.

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22 hours ago, themetallikid said:

I read that too, haven't tried it.  Seems weird you'd want your dry signal coming through at all with it.  Unless i'm understanding what happens with that adjustment?

i don't understand it either, but if it sounds good and it is good.    let the sleeping dog .....

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I agree with the others... lowering the mix is how I like it as well, but I'm not so sure it's 100% accurate when you do it that way :) 


On 12/30/2019 at 9:03 AM, thegrotes said:

Hi all, can anyone suggest settings for the way called teardrop which I assume is a crybaby knock off, mine just doesn't sound like my crybaby 


Keep in mind.... there are more than 25 Crybaby variations in the marketplace.... do you know exactly which one you own? 

IIRC, the Helix has at least 3 different Cry Baby models... unless one is your model, it will not sound the same, just similar.

  • TearDrop 310 (Dunlop Crybaby fasel 310)
  • Fassel (Dunlop Crybaby Super)
  • Weeper (Arbiter Crybaby)


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I will try the 75% thing as well....


One thing I found to give the Wah's a little more bite/growl is to add the kinky boost *or your flavor boost) in front of it and have it activate when the wah activates as well.  I noticed that several of the signature wah's have a boost circuit involved and tried this one time.  I think it works well for some sounds, but not all.  Just something else to add to play with. 

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