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Blutooth connection problem


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Are you trying to listen to the Firehawk audio output using your Bluetooth headphones? I don't believe that's possible. Firehawk uses a Bluetooth connection for digital data commands between the Firehawk device and the Firehawk Remote App - an editor app running on a mobile device (e.g. iPhone). There is no Bluetooth digital audio output from Firehawk, which is what your headphones are expecting.


To listen to Firehawk using headphones you need to use standard wired headphones connected to the rear panel Phones jack.

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Thanks for the reply, it makes sense now!

I'll monitor when I'm recording with the wired headphones into the FH, and use the Bluetooth headphones connected to my Mac when mixing. Sorted.

I guess what threw me was assuming the FH bluetooth wouid send the audio to my BT headphones. You've saved me hours of messing around - thanks!

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