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First band rehearsal with my Laney LFR-112

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Hi guys,

I just got a Laney LFR-112 and I'm going to have band rehearsal with it later this week.  My question is, what level should I be sending to it from the Helix?  Line or instrument?  I've searched, but I've been unable to find any answer.  Thanks!

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Just take your mono jack output from the back of the Helix and plug it into the input on the Laney.  Worked straight out of the box for me.


I use it in FRFR mode because it also amplifies my VG99 for acoustic guitars/synths, but you might want to play with switching off your cab sims/IR blocks and using the inbuilt speaker emulation - it won't be anywhere near as flexible as doing it in the box, but you might get more of the 'amp in the room' feel.

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