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DT50 disconnected speaker and blown fuse

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So I took a risk on a DT50 2x12 that wouldn't power up because the price was too good.  Hey, everything is repairable, right?


I checked the fuse at the plug-in and it was blown.  I have a replacement fuse on order.


AND I noticed that one of the speakers was disconnected in back.  I assume that the connection goes on the left tab.  Correct?


Also, I'm guessing that since one speaker was disconnected this would make the draw not 16 ohms but rather 8 ohms (the speaker out cable is coming from the 16 ohms jack).  Correct?


Is this a likely cause of blowing the fuse?  Could this have done more damage to the amp than just blowing the fuse?  I.e. the transformer and/or something else?




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Hope it didn't damage the output transformer. Never power up an amp without a proper load on it.

It should be checked out by a Line 6 authorized service tech.


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