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HX stomp - speaker options


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A couple of related questions...


I originally got the Stomp thinking I'd mainly use it for the pedals, into an amp - but have been experimenting with the amp models, and thinking of using the amp models much more instead of playing into an amp.


Not having the appropriate PA type speakers I have been experimenting with 1) plugging into the aux input of my amp and 2) plugging into my surround sound system. Both sound okay, but I am not really sure how they'd compare to a more appropriate set up.


If I recorded a guitar part, through the Stomp, directly into a computer, someone would then listen to that on a stereo. So it seems a stereo should be a good option. But I suspect my logic here is flawed. Am I missing something. Would a proper speaker system (whatever that would be) be a significant improvement?


Alternatively, if a proper speaker system would be better, I'd appreciate recommendations.


  • Primarily (perhaps entirely) for home use
  • Preferably not too big. 
  • Preferably not too expensive. (Maybe around £200, if that is possible - UK pounds.)
  • I want something that will sound decent at lower volumes
  • I'd like them to also double as speakers for listening to music (unless there is a reason that would be a bad idea)
  • I also have a Focusrite Scarlett audio interface, so speakers that would also be good for home studio recording would also be a bonus.


These look like an option - https://www.andertons.co.uk/yamaha-hs5-powered-monitor-bundle-w-smos10set-speaker-stands - but would be interested in other options (especially if there are any cheaper options that would be decent).


Oh, and I found this video - https://youtu.be/PGXSqEi6mTk - interesting that they seem to be talking about a single speaker, rather than a pair. I don't really use the stereo features of the Stomp, so should I just be looking to get a single speaker. (Though I guess that would be less good for listening to music.)


I also found this - https://www.andertons.co.uk/headrush-frfr-108-full-range-flat-response-2000w-1x8-powered-cab#tab4 - which looks simpler, and more obviously geared towards the Stomp. Would that be better?


Any thoughts on which would be better, of the two speakers above, or any other alternatives. And what is the main difference between the speaker style and monitor style set ups? (If that makes sense.)




(Note: I know virtually nothing about this sort of speaker/monitor.)


(Oh, and a tangential question. I understand that the Stomp can also be used as an audio interface. Does that mean my Focusrite Scarlett audio interface is essentially redundant (in which case I  could sell it), or will it still be better for recording than the Stomp? Note, I bought the  Scarlett a while ago, but haven't really got into recording much (yet).)

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11 hours ago, Rob-Thunder said:

Primarily (perhaps entirely) for home use


11 hours ago, Rob-Thunder said:

I'd like them to also double as speakers for listening to music


That describes a decent set of "Studio Monitors"...

The biggest problem is "Primarily" in your first quote. Studio Monitors are not easily portable and will not cover a rehearsal or any gig! 


If you really think you will need something to play with other musicians, then go for something like the Headrush... just know it won't do a great job of listening to other music, but there are a lot of great consumer choices available for that. 

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Thanks codamedia.


So I went for a couple of HS5 studio monitors in the end. If I do need to play with others I still have my amp for now. But maybe I will end up getting a headrush in the end. But for now, I think it will just be home use.


Just out of curiosity though, why wouldn't the headrush be good for listening to music. I guess my (naive) view was that both the studio monitors and the headrush essentially aim to be neutral (FRFR or whatever), so they don't colour the sound, so you just get the sounds of the modelling etc. So it seems odd that there should be much difference. 


As I say, I've bought the studio monitors now - but just curious.





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