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unreliable, maybe defected


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iMac (Catalina, 10.15.1)

HX Stomp (Firmware 2.82)


Is it's a common problem with freeze during boot and under it has been turned on?

I had several freezes where I had to restart. I updated it from 2.65 (I think) to 2.82 version. Same trouble. So far It´s unreliable.


If it is not a common problem it must be defected. Infinite boot loop.


I hope you guys can answer. It has been frustrating situation. Thank you!





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No.... freezing and/or boot failure is not a common problem. 


Troubleshooting is about the process of elimination. If you keep connecting things the same way, trying the same things and achieving the same results, you will never figure out where the problem is. 

  • Have you tried booting the HX Stomp without being connected to the iMac? 
  • When it does boot, have you tried "running it" without being connected to the iMac?


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That is reassuring to know.


Spot on, troubleshooting. I tried different approaches also those you mentioned. Sorry not to include those trials.

I followed instructions as to reset, on and offs, offline/online firmware updates. It still persist on to a boot failure and freeze.


Because it happened within the few minutes of first time plug to an amp I suspect it's a factory defect.


I also want to mention login to line6 updater took few hours before it reaches an update.


What should I do? Thank you for your answer.

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You can try FACTORY RESET. Hold the FS1 and FS2 switches while you POWER ON the unit. I just bought a HXSTOMP w 2.65 - did the upgrade - and did NOT have the problem you are having. You may indeed have a bad unit. Try the reset though. Might work.

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It was promising of all three resets I know of, but after half an hour it came back. It's too unstable and since it's not a common problem

I wrote to the place I bought it from and ask for a replacement. The sound it makes is so surprisingly good. Instant love.


Thank you for your help. You make this weekend less painful.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Hello guys! I just received my new HX Stomp from Amazon las Friday. The very first action I did was to upgrade it to Firmware 2.82.0. The first boot after the firmware upgrade, it became stuck in the startup screen. I reseted it to factory settings (FS1 and FS2 switches) and it succesfully boot, but completly empty of presets. I decided to restore the presets from a backup I did before apply the firmware and that  recovered the presets. Finally I could start to play with my new toy, but after some minutes, meanwhile I was exploring the amplifiers+cabs, the HX froze again. :-( I restarted it, but it keept frozen. I turned it down, disconnected the power cable and wait a few seconds, turned it on and it worked. A few hours after that, meanwhile I was changing settings, it failed again, and so on, it has been becaming frozen almost every time I am changing settings. Any comment?

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16 hours ago, ipro said:

Any comment?


Stupid question.... 

Did you follow the update instructions exactly as written or did you just run the updater and hope for the best? Most problems are a result of a missed step along the way. 


Here are the critical steps some people miss... take NOTE of these, don't follow them.

Follow the actual instructions but keep these in mind! 

  1. Install the latest version of HX Edit (2.82 as of this writing)
  2. During the install... on Windows you will get an option of items to install. SELECT THEM ALL and install them. This includes ALL drivers as well as the updater, etc....
  4. Connect your Stomp.... then run the Line 6 Updater to re-install the 2.82 firmware
  5. Follow all instructions carefully


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