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Helix reamping with Cubase 5


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Trying to reamp with my Helix LT. I am running Cubase 5, here is the signal chain: Audio out from a Scarlett 2i2 interface>Radial Reamp Box>Helix LT>Helix LT 1/4"  Mono out>Scarlett 2i2 Input 2

I am getting no signal from my helix into my DAW when playing the DI track, but when I plug my guitar straight into the helix I get signal into my DAW.

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I reamp using Helix Native ... less hardware involved and no conversions back and forth from digital to analog.


Guitars go into the mixing board via a Radial powered DI and are digitized in the board and sent to Cubase. Then I use Native to select an amp, which I can change any time. Very simple.

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Your setup sounds overly complex and you have a lot more hardware involved than you need.  You JUST need the Helix, you do not need the Scarlet or the Radial boxes.


Plug the Helix into your computer via USB.


In your DAW (I use Presonus Studion One v4.5, I would expect it to be the same in most DAW's), add a stereo recording track and use USB1 and USB2 as the stereo inputs to record the processed guitar sound from your Helix.  That's actually optional, as you don't have to record the processed track if you don't want, but I always do.  Add a second mono track using USB7 as the input - this records the unprocessed DI guitar track.


After recording, mute the processed track, add your processor of choice as an insert to the track (Helix Native, S-Gear, etc...) and set the tone you like.


Or send the DI track back to the Helix on USB 3/4 to reprocess it there with the hardware.


No other boxes required, just the Helix.


See here for more detailed info on the USB I/O routing:








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