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Pedalboard view in Helix edit?


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8 hours ago, shawncooke1 said:

Is there a way to show pedalboard mode in helix edit?  I would like to be able to toggle between edit mode and an overview of the pedalboard the way it would be laid out.  Is it there and i, just not seeing it?


No there is no such display available in HX Edit. As suggested you can look at the Helix device to see that.

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Because I do most of my editing in my bedroom while recording. My bedroom is small, so I keep my helix flipped up standing on its front edge, laying against a dresser so it's not getting ran over by my computer chair. I've always been used to editing my fcb1010, and it was a feature it had. Was really handy. I guess if you don't need it, it doesn't make sense, but to me, it makes perfect sense. Thanks. 

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