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Fbs Not Present On All Connected Channels

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How come the "FBS Enable" button is not present on certain channels I've created? It seems that this button is only present on "vocal presets" for my setup but obviously I would think it would be present for input channels such as: acoustic guitar/bass/etc. that I would also want to have FBS for.

I'm sure it's a simple fix/answer but cannot find in the FAQ's or on this forum someone having this problem/ignorance that I'm having.

thank you in advance :)

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Yes, all vocal presets will have FBS on them, however some instruments will not.  Individual drums, for example, do not have FBS on them.  Instruments that say direct also will not have FBS, however any instrument that is mic'd or says mic'd will have FBS.  Instruments that have amps or cabinets will have FBS on them as well.  Instruments that have a 1/4" input in the top right of their icon in the galley - which runs across the bottom or the stage in setup mode will not have FBS, because that 1/4" input is meant as a direct input.


Any instruments that have a direct input and are not mic'd will not have FBS - but, again, drums won't have FBS either.


FBS can be found in the Tweak mode, in deep tweak, in the input section.



I hope this is helpful. 

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