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Outputs not the same level


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6 hours ago, channelk said:

I run my Helix directly into a mixer, and no matter what outputs I use, either 1/4' or XLR - one side is louder.


Many questions for troubleshooting.

  1. How are you measuring the output of the Helix? Input meters, outputs meters, just listening? 
  2. Have you ruled out any discrepancies with the input gains on the mixer as a result of trims, pads,  etc... etc...? 
  3. Have you swapped the channels on the mixers? That's always a quick test to see if the problem followed the Helix output or the mixer channel. 
  4. I would suggest swapping cables, however you are saying this happens with either 1/4" or XLR outs.. so I doubt that is the problem.
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