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xlr outputs line or mic

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Hello everyone, Im using my helix LT with dual xlr from Helix to Soundmixer FOH to PA, No amp on stage. The manual suggest using XLR to MIC setting, I had it originally on line. What I noticed is a large volume drop on Mic setting. Our soundman can adjust by raising gain and faders however what I was wondering, is there any tone differences? I cannot seem to notice and canto crank up to live volume in my home to expriemnt. I really do not wish wait until show time. Just curious if anyone has any info on this? Thanks in advance.

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FlyteBand, the video link below is how line 6 recommends connecting Helix to Mixer. It is how I run my Helix LT to my Zoom Livetrak 12 mixer, and then out to my P.A.  This site does a good job of defining , mic level, line level, instrument level, etc. It explains that the MIC level is a lower "loudness" or "strength"  than the LINE level.  Hope this helps.




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