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How to control hx stomp and hxfx without being on the same preset.


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I'm using the hx stomp in as a send/return block in the hxfx so allt the effects are placed in the hxfx. Also using Midi from hxfx out to hx stomp in.

What I'm aiming at though is from hxfx:s snapshot mode, switching amp models but I don't get it to work as I want it to. 

If I'm on preset 001(01A) on the hxfx, the same preset is set in the hx stomp. I want to be able to have whatever preset on the hx stomp from whatever preset on the hxfx. 

What bothers me is that if I want to change snapshot on the hxfx and snapshot or preset on the hx stomp it doesn't work because the hx stomp is only using the preset that corresponds to the one the hxfx is on.


Any help would be very appreciated.


Cheers from Sweden / Kristoffer 

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In Global Settings> MIDI/Tempo on HXFX, turn OFF MIDI PC TX.

Then use CommandCenter to assign the required Presets on the Stomp.

If you use two amps or different settings on 1 or more amps in a Stomp Preset, you can set up Snapshots on the Stomp, then send Snapshot Change messages to the Stomp, from HXFX, thus avoiding the momentary sound drop when switching Presets.

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rd2rk explained what you need to do nicely... this is just an explanation as to why. 


By default... midi devices are shipped with default midi settings...

  • Global Send/Receive on Channel 1
  • Global Program Change send/receive ON
  • "Sometimes" OMIN is turned On (this makes the device actually send/receive on all channels.. not just channel 1. 

Although this is a great way to ship a unit, people that use midi will often quickly change this.

  • They will turn omni off (if it is on)
  • They will set a device to it's own channel
  • They will turn off global Program Change

The Benefit of this? Once you do that you gain FULL CONTROL of everything you want to change, when you want to change it - without any surprises.

You can use command center to send PC and CC messages during preset or snapshot changes. You can also assign a midi command to any footswitch in stomp mode. 

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Great answers.
One more question:

How would the instants in command center be setup. Now I use BankPC to select the amp first and then a MidiCC to select snapshot. 

But sometimes it fails. Shouldn't I just setup one instant message or what am I missing? 

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If you save a preset on the snapshot you want to start with, you only need to send the PC#. You can then send the different Snapshot messages as needed.

If you want preset 01C (PC#002) to open on Snapshot 2, just save it with Snapshot 2 active. If in another situation, you want the same preset to open with Snapshot 1 active, just save it separately to a different preset space. If you want to change the HX Stomp Snapshot without changing the HXFX preset, you can either create a HXFX Snapshot that sends the HX Stomp Snapshot message, or assign it to a stomp button on HXFX. Lots of options.


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