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HX Stomp And Strymon Iridium


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I just finished this small pedalboard and thought it might be of interest to some here.

First, the board itself is from Temple Audio, and I love their design. I bought the DUO24 "kit" (comes with power module, 4-way input/output module, and a carry bag). The pedals get attached with a modular mounting system that locks the pedal onto the board, but can be moved very easily. They have a pedalboard builder on their website which helped with pedal placement.

Anyway, I have been going back and forth between the amp models in the Stomp and the the models in the Iridium.

Granted, there are only really 3 models in the Iridium (plus cab IR's), so if you "need" more than that, this might not be the pedal for you.

I am running out of the pedalboard into the effects return of a Quilter 101 Mini Head, and then into a 2 x 10 pine cabinet with WGS speakers.

The amp models in the Iridium sound (and feel) way more realistic to my ears. So the Stomp is being used for effects only. The cab IR's in the Iridium are shut off since I am going into a guitar cabinet.

The Iridium can store 300 presets via MIDI, and you can load your own cabinet IR's.

Cool little rig!


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7 hours ago, ssavino001 said:

how is running in the FX loop of the stomp? does it work?

I am using stomp only for post preamp effects (modulation, delays reverb) and therefore the strymon is in the input of the stomp

Any particular setting for the HX stomp FX loop?


Stomp works great for this.  Just follow the 4 cable connection instructions in the manual.  Use the fx and and return blocks.  There are presets in the Stomp you can use to follow the format.

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