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Closest Shuriken Dealer to Taiwan


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Has anyone had ever had one of those, "oh yes, she will be mine," moments, then find the whole universe is standing in your way? 


For some reason it's next to impossible to get nice guitars in Taiwan, where I live. But I've got my heart set on picking up an SR270, and my mind is made up, so I'm at the point where a plane ticket is sounding like a reasonable plan. And since I don't want to make my life too easy, what I'd really like is to get that stained / un-lacquered custom color too, because it is MAF. And also I think I'm gonna need to buy a hard case, since obviously I'm gonna have to fly that baby home. So I'm looking for a really good physical dealer. Online so far is a total bust.


The store locator on the website isn't being particularly useful, so maybe someone here has the answer: 


- Does anyone know where, geographically, is the nearest Line 6 dealer to Taiwan that could handle this kind of a request? Japan? Austrailia? Does anyone have any recommendations? (Maybe a phone number???)


Thanks for any info you might have. I really appreciate it.


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