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Pod Hd Pro X Into 2 Amp Fx Returns For Stereo Sound Live?


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I purchased a Pod HD Pro X last week.  I am still learning and tweaking, but so far I am very happy.  My plan is to use it in the FX return of my 6505+ when I play live, so I can still have my cab onstage for another monitor.  Some venues I play dont have the best onstage monitors and I like to feel the rumble of my cab.  I put together some good tones using 2 amp models in the POD HD Pro X when recording or playing in my headphones, but it sounds better with only 1 amp model running when I hook up to the amp I keep at home.  Has anyone hooked up 2 amps to FX return, and would that run a separate amp model in each amp when one is panned left and the other is panned right?  I just thought I would ask before I haul my practice amp to our practice spot.


Current signal chaing is Guitar to Pod HD Pro X input - Pod HD Pro X unbalance Left Output to Amp's FX Return.


Can I hook up my other Amp to the Right output and get the stereo sound out of 2 amps?


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Sweet!  Thanks for the replies.  I guess I thought it would be too simple and easy to be true.  Very nice. 


So out of curiosity, if you are using the unbalanced outputs to your amps, could you still run the balanced outputs to the mixer?

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