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Help! - Unprocessed Guitar Out in POD XT PRO, What i'm doing wrong?...

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Hello people!, i need your help about this.

I connect my piano into the input of the pod xt pro, and use some fx's of it and then i connect the headphones to hear it mixed, AND at the same time i want to connect the pure signal of my piano from the Unprocessed Guitar Out of the pod directly to a selfpowered monitor cab that i have, but there is no audio at all... what i'm doing wrong?. i thought that connected that way i could ear my piano just Dry without effects into the cab. Do i need something else between the unprocessed guitar out of the pod and the input of my selfpowered monitor cab?... I would appreciate any help about this since i want to hear the Dry signal from one Out and the Mix signal with all the effects thru the normal output of my pod or the headphones out like i use to do it. 

PS: I use normal 1/4 guitar mono cable to make all the connections from ins and outs

Thank you! 

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I don't have a Pod XT Pro, but I believe you need to change some of the settings to get the output. Read the instructions in the manual on pages 3-14 and 3-15. 


"Analog Re-amping Just like you would for normal recording, connect your guitar to the Guitar In jack on the front of the PODXT Pro. And connect PODXT Pro’s left and right Analog Outs to your audio system to you can hear what’s coming out of them. Play a little guitar just to make sure you’re hearing it. OK so far.  Now, connect the rear panel Unprocessed Guitar Out to an analog input of your recording device, and route it to a record track. This is the signal you will be recording so that it can be used for re-amping during mixdown. You may also, if you wish, track PODXT Pro’s left and right outputs to your recorder at the same time. Connect the monitor output from this record track that’s receiving the unprocessed guitar signal to the rear panel Line In jack of PODXT Pro. Press the I/O & DIG SELECT button once to see this page: Press the Soft Button below INPUT and spin the EFFECT TWEAK knob to choose LINE IN. PODXT Pro is now ready to process the signal that’s received at the Line In, while simultaneously sending your unprocessed guitar signal to the Unprocessed Guitar Out, so you can record it."

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Dude, in case no signal in or out, this can save you weeks of frustrations, this happened to me..... no matter how stupid it sounds.... are you using exactly the original line 6 power source A.C. adapter  ???  not a regular-similar 9 V  D.C. power source..... read carefully... the power source its the problem it happened to me... you need to be sure using the original  A.C.power source (Not a regular D.C.) ...... iiiiiffff you use a regular 9V D.C.  the input signal goes to ground and it does not process anything..... I was using a 9V D.C. and no signal and I spent 1 week doing all kind of updates and contacting techinal support for nothing... after I found my original power source and connected ...voila it works like a charm...I read many guys on internet having same problem and technical support not giving them any answer telling them "send them to us so we can check it up"..... and charge you for that..... use a 9V Altern Current.... not D.C....... do it now

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