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Help with stompbox mode on control


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I have the control with Helix rack. When I use a factory preset I can turn FX on and off. When i use my custom presets and switch to stombox mode i can't access the fx to toggle them, the windows are blank.


When I switch to edit mode they are there blinking and I can edit them, they don't show up in stomp box mode.

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That's because you have to manually assign stomps to each of the switches whenever you create your own patch.  While in stomp mode, touch (don't press) the footswitch for a short period.  This will bring up a dialog box to where you can assign a block to that specific footswitch. 


Also, grab a copy of the updated manual.  There is a ton of helpful information inside regarding basic and advanced operations.  

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I downloaded the manual still something does not seem right.


press mode once it goes to preset mode

my preset is loaded

press mode again it goes to empty scribble strip windows (or whatever the terminology is)

At that point pressing, holding, touching stomp buttons apears to do nothing.


Thanks for help



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