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Bluetooth Pedalboard?

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I recently bought a small Yamaha studio monitor to take on the road into my hotel rooms as a salesman; and run the pod app through my iPhone/iPad - and use audiobus to connect to amplitude so that I can run backing tracks in there and loop solo parts for practice.


So this amp looks PERFECT........looks good too.


So if they're making a 150w version loud enough for the stage; you reckon they'll release a customised floorboard pedal run off batteries and bluetoothed to the iPad???

Leave your iPhone in ya pocket - and just run amp and pedal wirelessly......


Any thoughts??? Or just by a DT and pod (which I have...)


(BTW - JTV 89F in blood red a week from entering Australia..... 1st one in the country and it's mine.....)

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Currently the FBV Mk II pedals boards are supported to control the Amplifi units, which uses a standard ethernet cable to control when you are not syncing via Bluetooth. 

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