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Where are the cab sims in the DT signal chain?


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I recently discovered a couple of neat tricks using the DT25 and Helix.  If you connect the Helix using L6 Link, the preamps are disabled on Channel A on the DT, but they are available on Channel B.  Using DTedit via MIDI, you can disable the preamps on Channel B but you can still use the cab modeling.  This allows you to toggle between Channel A with no cab modeling (essentially just the natural DT speaker with no added cab modeling) and Channel B with the DT cab modeling enabled.  You can actually assign 4 different cab models to the 4 'voicing' slots on Channel B, but you have to manually switch between them via the DT front panel, as there's no access via Helix/L6 Link.


Similarly, you can use the internal DT reverb on Channel B, and assign different reverbs to each of the 4 slots, even with the preamps disabled.  This allows for greater DSP flexibility on the Helix in case you run into that particular limitation.


So after that elaborate setup, here's the question:


Where in the DT signal chain does the cab modeling live?  I'm assuming it's after the power amp modeling, but that's not entirely clear. 



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I'm resurrecting this thread. Is the above true? I was wondering this just now as well. I would have to imagine that no more digital work is done on the signal once it hits the power amp.


So is the DT25 modeling the cabs, cabinet microphone, etc, before the power amp? It's not a criticism, just a question. If that's the case then there's no difference in me having a cab in my Helix path and then going into the DT25 since that how the DT25 would be doing it anyway.



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" I would have to imagine that no more digital work is done on the signal once it hits the power amp. " --- Correct.

Or the tube amp section in general, it's an analog signal at that point.


Some use the Helix that way for cab sims. You may need to adjust EQ here and there since it's pre DT amp.


gtr --> Helix --> DT amp --> speakers


Tone controls on the DT amp, further EQ in the Helix. Blend carefully so you don't overdo it.

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