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Helix Speaker Recommendation


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  Hello all, I'm 59 and been playing most of my life. My playing now is reserved for my church, which after going through disco, hair metal, punk, prog rock, etc. I guess is a appropriate next step...lol. I just purchased a Helix a week ago after spending much time on various websites learning about it. My question is as follows;

The acoustics in my church are such that my 15 watt Blues Jr is barely even working, I even baffle it in hopes of warming the tubes more with greater volume. Now ridding myself of my pedalboard, and understanding that running the Helix output direct to an active PA speaker will enable more accurate amp and speaker modeling. In addition I would love not to have to hump a heavy tube amp when a much lighter speaker would be a better option. The best choices that I have come up with is either investing in an active PA speaker or secondly (which I am leaning toward), is buying a Fishman Loudbox mini, and running the Helix signal thru it. It would also serve as a dedicated amp for my acoustic. I play both electric 335 and acoustic L-00, and have never been satisfied with the acoustic sound thru the fender, which is to be expected.

  Has anyone experimented with using a Helix floor thru a Loudbox mini for both acoustic and distortion? Is a small active monitor a better choice?

Thanks for your help. Im looking forward to using this site as a reference for my continued learning.


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I personally don't have any experience with the solutions you are asking about,  my personal solution to getting stage volume is a Seymour Duncan powerstage 170, and a 2x12 cab (but could be a 1x12 for portability). It's a super tiny solid state power amp with tons of clean power that can be paired with any standard guitar cabinet, you just have to make sure you aren't using cab simulation with it.

I split my signal at the end and throw some cab simulation on one path and send it to the xlr out (for the mixer if necessary), and put nothing on the path I send to my 1/4'' out for my amp and cab. 

just putting another option out there for you, hopefully you find what works best for you!

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I'm assuming regardless of what you use on stage you'll be also be sending your guitar signal direct to the mixing board for including your guitar in the main speakers.  If that's the case I'd personally go with a small powered speaker such as the QSC CP8 for your on stage sound as it will be more representative of the sound the rest of the congregation will be hearing through the main speakers.  I own one and have used it as a my stage speaker occasionally at smaller venues and it's more than adequate volume wise and WAY more accurate in representing the output of the Helix than an acoustic amp.  It's about the same weight and price of the Fishman mini with a LOT more power and accuracy.

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