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Midi help... how can I control external mfx by Helix LT?


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The title say it all... I only understood that I must connect a Lexicon mpxg2 to helix LT by a 5pin midi cable but:

which port shoud I connect? I apologise, that's my first, and probably the last, midi connection!


how I can control  lexicon by helix? I'd like simply to change its programs using 2 Helix footswithes (up and down), the same way we can change helix' patches. I think it should be simple, but not for me!

Thank you in advance!



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1 hour ago, pierpatrip said:

I only understood that I must connect a Lexicon mpxg2 to helix LT by a 5pin midi cable but:

which port shoud I connect?


Helix MIDI Out > Lexicon MIDI IN


By default.... changing a preset on the Helix SHOULD change the preset on the Lexicon. If this doesn't happen you have to make sure both products are setup to the same midi channels (usually 1 or OMNI/All by default) and that the Lexicon is set to receive Program Change messages on that channel. 


Only after you get it all working and you are comfortable... I recommend that you disable "global program change" on the Helix, and learn how to set presets to change the Lexicon only when you need to using Command Center.


IMO... MIDI is WORTH THE TIME! Learning the basics is not difficult, and will come in handy with many things. 

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54 minutes ago, pierpatrip said:

So, I'm ready to learn how can I change lexicon and helix presets separately! any tips?


  1. Turn off Global PC Change within the Helix (it's in the global settings somewhere)
  2. When you want to change the reverb on the Lexicon... use the Command Center (in a given preset) to send a PROGRAM CHANGE via channel 1 (this is assuming the lexicon just worked on channel 1).


  1. Change the Lexicon to a different midi channel (2 thru 16)... this should make it bypass the global changes from the Helix without turning them off in the Helix.
  2. Same as #2 above... but send the change over the channel you set the Lexicon to (2 thru 16)
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NOTE: I don't have a mpx-g2. The following is based on reading the manual. If it doesn't work, get back to me!


I've attached a sample preset demonstrating how this works.

Snapshot1 selects Lex Bank 1 Preset 5. This is the Snapshot that loads by default (was loaded when the Helix Preset was SAVED) when the Helix Preset loads.

SS2 selects Lex Bank 2 Preset 10.

SS3 selects Lex Bank 3 Preset 15


Buttons 8-10 select different presets from within a Snapshot.

Button 8 selects Lex Bank 1 Preset 0

Button 9 selects Lex Bank 2 Preset 50

Button 10 selects Lex Bank 3 Preset 100


See below for further info.




NOTE: Just replace "Ventris" with "Lexicon".


In Global Settings>MIDI/Tempo, set "MIDI PC SEND" to OFF. This prevents Helix from sending it's default PC# when you load a Preset.


In CommandCenter, assign "Instant Command 1 (IC1)" - the first lightning bolt - to the Ventris PC# (Program Changes/Presets) that you want to use for each Snapshot.

Read the Ventris manual. They may be numbered 0-127 or 1-128. Helix is numbered 0-127.


When you load a Helix Preset, any and all commands assigned to ICs in the Snapshot that loads by default will automatically be sent.


By default, Helix and most MIDI devices communicate on either MIDI Channel 1 or ALL channels (OMNI). Helix communicates on MIDI Channel 1 (BASE) by default.

Set the Ventris to communicate on MIDI Channel 1 (unless you've changed the BASE channel in Global Settings>MIDI/Tempo).

This way, if you add other MIDI devices later, you can set them to different channels and specify which device you're sending commands to by being specific about it in Command Center. When setting commands in Command Center, BASE is the default MIDI Channel.

Leave Bank CC00/BankCC032 at their defaults. These are used to change BANKS in devices that have more than 128 presets.


NOTE: On Multi Bank devices, Bank CC00/BankCC032 (either or both - see device manual) are used to specify the Bank. 0=Bank 1; 1= Bank 2 etc.


Here's the tricky part:

Once you've assigned a PC# to an IC in a Snapshot, it will stay on the last called PC# until specifically changed by another Snapshot, then it'll stay there until changed again.

If Snapshot 1 IC1 is assigned to PC#5, and you switch to Snapshot 2, Ventris will stay on Preset #5 UNLESS you assign IC1 to a different PC# in Snapshot 2. If SS2/IC1 is assigned to PC#79, and you move from SS1 to SS2 and then to SS3, SS3 will still be using PC#79.So if you want all Snapshots to be PC#5 except SS3, assign IC1 to PC#5 in ALL Snapshots  EXCEPT SS3, and assign IC1 in Snapshot 3 to a different PC#.


Remember that the Helix Preset will load with the Snapshot that was active when the Preset was last SAVED.


If, in Global Settings>Preferences, you have Snapshot Edits set to Discard, don't forget to SAVE the Preset after each Snapshot Edit BEFORE moving to the next Snapshot. That said, check each Snapshot to be sure it does what you want.


Hope that all makes sense.



Lexicon mpx-g2.hlx

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