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Any current known usb issues with the Helix LT?


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Hello there,

I`ve had my share of Line6 products in the past (Pod 2.0 / X3Live / HD500) and I have also been away from this brand for a couple years now.
I remember that I lost my patience with the usb issues on the X3 + Hd500, however, Helix has caught my attention a while ago.

I was wondering if there is any known usb malfunction on the Healix Lt?
I noticed that a couple people (not as many as when I had the x3 thats for sure) referred usb issues on a few forums (usb being disconnected from the computer + noise when having the usb cable on). I want to get one so bad, but at the same time...I am so afraid of going back to the same headache as in the past...

Don't take it wrong but...should I stay away?


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If you hate anything to do with computer issues - stay away!

The Helix can be a bit fussy about USB.

If on the other hand, you are happy to do a little trouble shooting and your computer is not 10 years plus old, you will sort those issues quickly (if you have them at all) and life will be good!

I had a few connectivity issues in the beginning - connected fine to my Mac Laptop, but not my iMac - took a little fiddling - been totally reliable with both for 2 years.

So you know who you are - if you are the "it just works or I hate it" person.................you might be unlucky!

Obviously by now thousands of people are having happy experiences - but not everyone.

Not specific to any particular model.  It's always your computer/cable/USB interface  in the end.

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I actually have a macbook pro as well and never had any problems with usb connectivity so far.
Its not that I hate anything to do with computers, I just lost it with the connectivity of those units (specially the X3Live) always going down.
During updates, when recording into logic. All the time. Impossible to maintain a connection for more than 10...15 minutes. I never understood why.
Don't know if this may be the reason but I had a pretty old computer back then ;)

Nonetheless I am one of those guys that "usually" gets around these type of problems pretty easily. But not with those specific line6 products though...

I´ll see if I can try one first and see if my macbook takes that well enough.

Thanks mate ;)


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A few simple rules for best practice

  • Do not plug into a USB Hub ... this often includes front ports on a computer.
  • Use a USB2 Port.... NOT USB3
  • Do not use any USB extender cables

Most USB issues are PORT related at the computer. Ports are often matched in pairs (sometimes quad) and devices can conflict. Example: A USB2 port is backward compatible to match it's lowest level device so if a USB 1 device (keyboard, mouse, other basic devices) is plugged in to one port and you plug the Helix into it's matching pair... you are inviting trouble.


This is one reason it is always recommended to try different ports on a computer when problems occur.


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As far as the X3L, there was an actual Technical Bulletin dealing with the USB ports. I think it ended up having to do with the USB chip or something, but on some X3Ls, USB audio would stop working. Line 6 repaired those units for free for people who took them into service centers regardless of the warranty. There's nothing comparable to that sort of issue with the Helix. Because of the nature of USB and the fact that there's people using the Helix with all sorts of different systems, there's probably always going to be sporadic reports of people having issues of some sort or another. It seems they are usually resolved by troubleshooting.


Anyway, that's a long answer to your question. The short answer is no. There aren't any systemic USB problems with the Helix.

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Thank guys.

I have, since then, been talking to a couple users that really confirmed the usb stability of the Helix and that makes me very happy, cause that is a tool that I will for sure use a lot.


Thanks to you for the help.



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